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Crucible® Klinischer Workshop, Sechstägiges

Crucible® Neurobiological Therapy (CNT)
Six-Day Intensive Workshops


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2018-2019 Learning Objectives and Schedule of Topics



By attending this workshop you will be able to:

  1. Introduce brain-based therapy for subtle trauma into your practice.
  2. Understand the methods of Crucible Neurobiological Therapy.
  3. Identify the interpersonal neurobiological impacts of traumatic mind mapping and repeated disgust reactions.
  4. Recognize subtle impairments in clients’ in-session functioning.
  5. Help clients resolve repeated exposure to traumatic mind mapping and disgusting behavior.
  6. Become more resilient to experiencing traumatic mind mapping (“spaghetti brain”) in psychotherapy sessions.
  7. Use visualization to help clients reprocess unresolved memories of subtle traumatic experiences.
  8. Deconstruct clients’ written mental dialogues to help them resolve “emotional superglue” to people who do disgusting things.
  9. Assist clients in dealing with difficult aging parents.
  10. Make productive written comments to clients about their written mental dialogues.
  11. Use clients’ dialogues to identify difficulties and successes (progress) in treatment.
  12. Handle common problems in working with clients’ visualization and written materials.
  13. Apply the methods of Crucible Neurobiological Therapy to yourself.

Please note all times are approximate. Because we are focusing on practical learning, case deconstruction, and participant involvement, everyone benefits from the freedom to pay more attention to some aspects more than others. This may alter the time devoted to each topic.

Day One:  10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (approx.)
Day Two to Six: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (approx.)

Topical Focus of the Day Day 1
Treating Interpersonal Trauma
Day 2
Mind Mapping Therapy & Visualization
Day 3
Written Mental Dialogues
Day 4
Therapist Commentary on Dialogues
Day 5
Dealing With Antagonists
Day 6
Treating Neurological Problems
Morning Session Mind Mapping,
Mind Masking,
Traumatic Mind Mapping, Antisocial Empathy
Using Visualization in Treatment Therapist commentaries on written dialogues Therapist commentaries on written dialogues Reluctance to Changing Equilibrium with Antagonist Eliciting Neurological Problems

Types of Neurological Problems
  Break Break Break Break Break Break
Late Morning Session Neurobiology of Mind Mapping

Impacts of Traumatic Mind Mapping
Analyzing Participant's Case Material —
Using visualization**
Analyzing written dialogues* Analyzing written dialogues with therapist commentary* Analyzing written dialogues with therapist commentary* Analyzing Participant
Written Dialogues**
  Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Afternoon Session Crucible Neurobiological Therapy

Right Brain Therapy
Using visualization with personal material** Analyzing Participant Written Dialogues** Analyzing Participant Written Dialogues** Written dialogues-- demonstrating reluctance* In-session Psychophysiological Monitoring
(live demo during role play)**
  Break Break Break Break Break Adjourn
Late Afternoon Session Group discussion of experiences and common problems encountered.** Discussion and debriefing Analyzing Participant Case with written materials** Analyzing Participant's Case Materials — written materials** Written dialogues — demonstrating success* Final Discussion and debriefing
*- Case Provided by Dr. Schnarch   **- Case Provided by Participants

Clinical Workshops for Therapists.

2018-2019 6-Day Workshop

  • 2018 -2019 Crucible Neurobiological Therapy Intensive Workshop #2
    • October 16-21, 2018 in Helmstedt (Politische Bildungsstätte Helmstedt)
      • Price: When booked before September 4, 2018: 725,00 €, meals and lodging not included.
      • Price: When booked after September 4, 2018: 800,00 €, meals and lodging not included.
      • For food and lodging information for Helmstedt, click here.
    • May 20-25, 2019 in Ulm (Seminarhaus Gut Helmeringen)
  • Prior attendance at last year's workshop is not a prerequisite for registering. However, we strongly recommend reading Brain Talk before this year's program. To learn more about Brain Talk, click here.
  • This workshop is designed for practicing psychotherapists, and will be taught at that professional level. Previously it was stated that being licensed to do psychotherapy was a requirement to register. That requirement is no longer necessary, and registration is now open to all who may apply.
  • All workshop sessions will be presented in English with sequential translation into German by Tara Christopeit, Dr. Schnarch's personal translator.
  • Attendance at all six days will be required.
Ongoing Learning Opportunities

Join us for the Crucible® Therapy Webinar Series, a monthly internet-based case conference, designed to increase continuity of learning for therapists around the world. Each webinar deconstructs a case submitted by webinar participants or Dr. Schnarch. Webinars cover strategic analysis of treatment problems, developing new strategies and interventions, and person of the therapist issues. Audience members can ask questions and interact with Dr. Schnarch during the webinar. For more information, click here.

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