Politische Bildungststätte Helmstedt (English)

Politische Bildungststätte Helmstedt Lodging information:

The Politische Bildungsstätte Helmstedt provides a residential setting offering a peaceful escape from everyday life and an ideal learning environment. Over 100 single and double rooms are available with private showers and toilets, and the expansive kitchen can supply meals for both carnivores and vegetarians. Everything is geared to facilitate interactions between participants, including free internet in public areas and no TV or phones in sleeping rooms. Indoor recreation includes table tennis, table football, billiards, pinball, darts, and a bar serving drinks. Just a few steps away is a fully equipped indoor sports gymnasium and the 480 square kilometer (180 sq. mile) Elm-Lappwald Nature Park. This largest beech forest in Northern Germany is filled with walking/jogging trails traversing forest, moors, springs, lakes, heathland, salt meadows, chalk downs, over 800 plants species and abundant animal life.


Lodging and meals are priced and paid for separately from seminar registration fees. Contact the Politische Bildungsstätte Helmstedt directly to arrange and pay for lodging and meals after registering for the seminar.

Pricelist for Politische Bildungsstelle Helmstedt

  • Double room  28,00 euros per night and per person
  • Single room    36,00 euros
  • Breakfast         8.00 euros
  • Lunch               10.00 euros
  • Dinner         9.50 euros
  • For special meals (vegan, gluten-free, etc.) we charge a surcharge of 15%.

Single room per night 36,00 euros, with full board per day 68,00 euros.
Double room per person per night 28,00 euros, with full board per person per day 60,00 euros.

You can either book the rooms with full board or with individual choice of only certain meals. You can choose between regular or vegetarian meals. The menu will be made in 2018 by the Politische Bildungsstätte. Please address them directly if you have any questions about lodging or meals. 

Politische Bildungsstätte Helmstedt
Am Bötschenberg 4
38350 Helmstedt
Telephone: 05351/58 51 - 0
Fax: 05351/58 51 - 30
E-Mail: info@pbh-hvhs.de
Website: www.pbh-hvhs.de/


Transportation to the Politische Bildungsstätte Helmstedt is easy. The railway station is about 2 km from the Bildungsstätte, and taxis are available at the station. Situated a little over 2 hours from both Berlin and Hamburg by car, those arriving by car from Hanover leave the motorway at the "Helmsted Center" or "Raststatte Hemsted South" exits. From Berlin take the "Helmstedt East" or "Helmstedt-Center" exits. The Bildengsstattte is accessed from within the city.