English versions of Dr. Schnarch's newest book,
Brain Talk: How Mind Mapping Brain Science Can Change Your Life & Everyone In It
are now available in eBook, Paperback, and Professional eBook. Click here for more information.
The German translation of Brain Talk is expected in March of 2020.


(Um dieses auf German zu lesen,klicken Sie hier).

2020 will be a big year for Crucible Neurobiological Therapy, offering therapists and the general public new resources for healthier living through novel application of modern brain science.

Brain Talk in German is now available on Amazon!

During 2018 Dr. Schnarch released his first book on Crucible Neurobiological Therapy, illuminating how the human brain works in relationships, and explaining how mind mapping, traumatic mind mapping and subtle interpersonal trauma occur in every-day life. The German-language version is currently being translated by his personal translator, Tara Christopeit, so we know it will retain the lyrical style of the English version. This easy-reading book will please the lay public with in-depth case vignettes and practical tips for better living, while mental health professionals and savvy readers will enjoy the scientific details and brain research documented in the extensive appendices. 

New Workshop!

In 2020 we will continue our Crucible Neurological Therapy Intensive Workshop Series, based on the brain science in Brain Talk, offering increased depth and new methods in Crucible Neurobiological Therapy that can resolve emotional trauma and dysfunctional childhoods.

CNT is a "right-brain" therapy based on mind-mapping and the interpersonal neurobiological impacts of traumatic mind-mapping. This year's program will be even more "right-brain" than before, by steering group discussions towards right-brain case deconstructions rather than left-brain conceptualizations.

By attending this workshop, you will learn the unique "right brain" elements of Crucible Neurobiological Therapy, like using visualization and written mental dialogues. If you attended last year’s program, this year will do this at greater depth.

Learn more about Crucible Neurobiological Therapy here.
For a description of the 6-day Intensive Workshop #3 in Ulm, click here.

More Information coming soon on CNT # 4 in Helmstedt on October 20-25, 2020.

Monthly Crucible Clinical Webinar Series!

Crucible Case Consultation Webinars continue on April 8, 2020.

Our exciting monthly case conferences on applying Crucible Therapy will continue into the New Year. Each month, therapists from across Europe gather to analyze participants’ difficult resistant cases and develop more effective interventions. You can submit a case from your own clinical practice for consideration. Webinar case materials and discussions are bilingual with German-language translation provided. Don’t miss this helpful adjunct to our other offerings.

For more about Crucible Case Consultation Webinars,
click here.